9 Reasons to Use Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform used today. People across the world use the site, engaging with their favourite brands, celebrities, and even people they’ve come to love on these platforms, known as influencers. People use Facebook to learn more about their favourite products and services and brands and to interact with people who share similar interests as their own. If you do not use Facebook already, it is time to make your account and get with the program. You will find this site to be lots of fun but that is only the start of reasons to use Facebook. Read below to learn 9 of the biggest reasons you need to make a FB account already.

  1. Increase Exposure: If you have something to offer the world you need a platform to tell them about that service. Facebook gives the chance to reach more than one billion people with your offers. These people use the site faithfully and will see your brand if you market the right ways.
  2. Stay Connected: Most people have friends and family that they’re separated from due to the miles. If you are one of those people, social media helps you stay connected. You want to use the site to keep in touch with the important people in your life.
  3. Learn: There are study groups on Facebook, pages that pertain to special interests, support groups, and more. You can become a part of any of them and enhance your life in many ways. I personally love this feature of the site.
  4. Build Loyalty: You can easily use Facebook to build customer loyalty to your brand. It is quite amazing how loyal your fans become if you take the time to interact with them and enjoy your time together. You want fans and this is a great way to get them.
  5. Get More IG Fans: Facebook and Instagram are sister sites that you can use to cross promote. It is easy to get more followers for Instagram when using cross promotion techniques.
  6. It is Free: FB is a free site for users 13-up. The site has tons of features that people can use to make new friends and stay connected to their current friends.
  7. New Friends: Whether you want to expand your horizons or do not know anyone in your current area, you can easily make new friends when using social media. In fact, you can make friends from around the world when using this site.
  8. Keep Up: Whether it is the latest news, the latest breakups, or something else, Facebook provides the chance to keep up with the most important information relevant to your life. Who needs a TV when you have Facebook available to you 24/7?
  9. Improve SEO: Every company needs Search Engine Optimization when marketing online. When you are a part of the Facebook world, you can improve SEO so your name shows up in search engines and on social media.